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Wrecking Ball MMA Adult Team takes home 3rd!

Wrecking Ball MMA Team is proud to say that they have placed 3rd in the adult team division of the NewBreed Ultimate Grappler BJJ tournament that was held at the McCook Athletic Exposition, this past Saturday July 16, 2016! 
It was an action packed , technical display of Jiujitsu. All competitors of the Wrecking Ball Team have worked hard to achieve this honor, dedicating heart and soul to improve their Jiujitsu and contribute to Wrecking Ball MMA's name, as it has been gaining prestige in the Jiujitsu community. The team represented 10 competitors in several brackets, including men, women, and children in both Gi and No Gi divisions. 

Alex Coronado placed 1st in Gi and 1st in No Gi
Ricky Lopez placed 1st in Gi and 1st in No Gi
Ender Kongkaeow placed 1st in Gi and 1st in No Gi
Javi Coronado placed 1st in Gi and 1st in No Gi
Kendra Kazmaier placed 1st in Gi and 2nd in No Gi
Emma Macniak placed 3rd in Gi and 3rd in No Gi
Juan Avilia placed 1st in No Gi
Nick Wolf placed 2nd in Gi
Jose Morales placed 2nd in Gi
Michael Hayden placed 2nd in GI
A total  of 13 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals were brought home and all competitors put forth their effort while having a blast doing so! A special congratulations to the competitors as well as everyone else who competed. 
Wrecking Ball MMA Team wants to thank the team members who "WRECKRESENT" Wrecking Ball MMA, the team members who helped all competitors train, and the supporters of Wrecking Ball MMA Team as without any of you, this would not be possible.