Coaches Clint Blackburn and Josh Bessette Receive BJJ Brown Belts at Wrecking Ball MMA Seminar!

Wrecking Ball MMA was fortunate to play host to an amazing no-gi jiu-jitsu seminar on Saturday afternoon, taught not only by Wrecking Ball coaches, Clint Blackburn, Justen Hamilton, and Josh Bessette, but also two guest coaches, Sean Quirk and affiliate professor, Alex Embry. The seminar was a complete success- introducing many new faces to the Wrecking Ball family as well as raising money for the family of fallen officer, Lt. Joe Gliniewicz. 

In addition to the success of the turnout, coaches Clint and Josh also received their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belts from professor Alex Embry! The promotions induced a boisterous applause from those in attendance, as many knew the work the two new brown belts had put in over the course of their jiu-jitsu journey.